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Climbing Mt. Normal

The Life and Times of a Communication Fetishist

We're flat broke, but hey - we do it in style....
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I occasionally post adult material to this journal; underage viewers should not proceed. This warning is made in cooperation with LiveJournal's request for such statements.

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My life is rated NC-17.

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Dramatis Personae:
Married 4 May 1991. And the next person who makes a Star Wars Day joke about the date goes out the airlock.
My real-life, honest-to-ghod mother. Yeah, she really is that cool. ;-)
My half-sister, living in LA with her partner and waiting on her results from the bar exam. She rocks like a room full of rocking chairs.
gridlore's brother; father of madelineusher.

I also have a brother and a half-brother, but neither of them have accounts here.

Guidelines for public posts/friending/defriending:
  1. My journal is 75%+ public. There have been periods where I have defaulted to friends-only for one reason or another; the most recent of these began 21 August 2009 and ended 9 February 2011. There may be periods in the future where I choose to do so again. I will announce this if and when it happens.
  2. You are always welcome to add me to your friends list, but know that I am exceedingly picky about who I add to mine, as I have trouble managing it as it is. Priority is given to people with whom I have a long-standing acquaintance (either online or in meatspace). People who find me via friendsfriends or common communities should mail me a brief introduction if they'd like to be added. If I don't, it's nothing personal.
  3. Comments are always welcome, save when they are disabled. Anonymous and non-friend comments are screened, but will be unscreened in most cases. Commenting on an unrelated post to bring drama will almost certainly result in a prompt defriending. Bringing drama in any way will almost certainly result in a prompt defriending. Don't bring drama.
  4. I purge my friends list erratically. There are many reasons for this, but here's the jist:

    • Lack of rapport. This can be defined in several ways, but it's pretty simple. If I don't feel like I know you after some amount of time, I'll likely purge.
    • Continued overload of emo/drama. If the majority of your posts are talking about how much your life sucks, and there's really no sign of change, then I'll likely purge. This is a more subjective condition, given that I know from direct experience that everyone has dark times, and I'm big on second (and third) chances. But sometimes, enough is enough.
    • General purge. See point 2 above.

    I used to announce these purges in my journal, but it was pointed out to me that making such announcements was likely causing the drama I was attempting to avoid. Thus, this disclaimer.

In America, about 1 out of 20
high school students identify
themselves as gay, lesbian,
bisexual or transgendered.
I was one of them.
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On 14 March 2004 I changed the gender information in my userinfo to "Unspecified." Here's why.

Love does not discriminate...Why should marriage?
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