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Received a call from the emergency psych department this morning, saying that [tumblr.com profile] protocat was being discharged, and how soon can I pick them up? (Okay, they said "her," but I wasn't expecting a county hospital to have a clue when it comes to gender-neutral pronouns, so whatever.)

Spent the next several hours with Aisu, going to Target for some resupply; going to their regular pharmacy with their discharge scrip, only to discover it was closed on the weekends; grabbing lunch; then going to another Target to fill said scrip - and buy MLP:FiM blind bags, because that's what Aisu and I do when we're together.

Spent the next couple of hours after that with [personal profile] murphymom (which had already been on the agenda, but was that much more convenient after dropping Aisu off at their place half a block away). Bought more cheap novelty yarn for this year's batch of playa-friendly boas, then went to Whispers for a late lunch for Mom and an early dinner for me. Somewhere in here, I got a text from [personal profile] gridlore, saying he was running a low fever, and could I please get him some Gatorade on the way home? Did so, finding a bulk-pack of no-bean chili on sale in the process.

All this after building three different pieces of IKEA furniture in a week without killing anybody.

I think I'm done, now.

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Mar. 11th, 2014 07:45 am (UTC)
"ikea-like" can be even more troublesome than ikea to assemble. The extra steps like glue and noise dampening bumps really stretch the time. Last time I found such a beast -- an eight drawer shiny white dresser -- the extra two hours netted me a promised $6 which was later withdrawn.

Thank you for the insightful link on language usage over in the other copy of your journal.
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