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...it behooves me to post the resolution. The following was posted to the BayCon staff lists after the February 21st meeting.

All federal and state tax filings have been submitted, and any taxes that were owed have been paid, up through the fiscal year ending June 30th, 2009. In other words, we are now completely up-to-date on our filings. Copies of these filings were available for inspection during the meeting, and will be available at future meetings.

The CPA for the corporation, Michael Schaffer, was able to attend the meeting and the first hour of the meeting was dedicated to a question and answer period for him. He answered every question put to him, including those that ordinarily he would be required not to answer since his client is a privately held corporation.

Among the many responses Mr. Schaffer gave to a wide variety of questions was the note that he has been in contact with an employee of the State's Franchise Tax Board who seemed genuinely interested in making sure Artistic Solutions would be able to receive a "Certificate of Revivor", which would provide proof of re-instatement as an active California corporation. He plans on contacting her again this week (she was difficult to reach the week before due to a state furlough day and a state holiday) to find out how soon we can submit an application for Revivor. As far as he knew, there were no other issues that would block our application, but he needed to confirm that. He anticipates that it would take some time, perhaps 30 days, for the wheels of bureaucracy to turn and actually issue the certificate after the application has been submitted.

Once the normal portion of the meeting began, after Michael Schaffer's presentation, BayCon 2010 Chairman Robert Toland announced that anyone who had resigned at last month's staff meeting would be welcome to come back. As he said, "they are our friends, and we want to keep
them our friends, and I want to run this convention with my friends."

After talking with Rob Toland, examining the big binder full of tax documents, and hearing Michael Schaffer's responses, the following people who had previously resigned were among those who agreed to return or were announced as returning as a Division and Department head:

Tycho Petersen - Hotel Division Manager
Kimmi Allbee - Programming Division Manager
Matt Branstad - now Programming Division 2nd
Kelly Gallagher - now Programming Ops Dept Head
Sandy Bensen - Family Friendly Dept Head
Cindi Somebody Cabal - Registration Dept Head
Karl Thiesen - special assistant to Cindi

(If I omitted a name or made an error, my deepest apologies.)

I'm sure Rob Toland will have further announcements to make regarding other new hires and new timelines.

Regards to all,

Mike Higashi
Member, Board of Directors
Artistic Solutions, Inc.

After a considerable amount of thought on the matter, I will be returning to the convention, as well - albeit as a member of Registration staff, rather than supersniffles's second. I return for the same reason I left - because I want the convention to be successful and well-run. And I return, as toymaker alluded to, because I want to help my friends. I could very easily have said "Yeah, whatever," had maiandra put my name down as gridlore's Guest of Guest and sailed back into the hotel without a care in the world...but I don't work like that. christophine approached me in 2002, saying she needed help, and I gladly stepped up. And there I stayed.

Will I work the convention in 2011? Unlikely, at best - I have a Westercon and a Worldcon to attend and a Burn to work within a 9-week period that summer, and I'm going to need every last spoon to manage it. But I will be able to attend this year's Wrap-Up barbecue secure in the knowledge that I finished what I started.

EDIT, 1546hrs: I should make it clear that I don't think any less of anyone who chooses not to return, nor do I consider myself a better (or worse) person for returning. You are all still my family, as well (in some cases literally!). I still stand behind all of the reasons we chose to walk in the first place. And I still hope to see the ultimate resolution of those issues - namely, a restructuring of the ASI Board of Directors and Michael's departure from said board. But had the convention failed to happen this year due to a lack of personnel, I would have still held myself partially responsible for it. In truth, I believe it could go either way at this point (inertia being what it is). But whichever way it does go, the closure I will get from finishing out the year is important to me.

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